Looking to the future.

Technological and sustainable solutions for a better future.

Our focus is clear and concise, providing projects in line with the “Sustainable Development Goals” defined by the United Nations in Resolution 70/1 “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

The SMAIS.EU project aims at improving healthcare and implementing technical and operational solutions that ensure access to healthcare for people.
The project aims to contribute to the improvement of the following points:

  • Quality health and well-being of communities
  • Quality education
  • Access to drinking water
  • Clean and sustainable energy
  • Implementation of infrastructures to support healthcare, education and communities
  • Reduction of social inequalities and universal access to health care

SMART (Remote Monitoring and Actuation System) is a  IoT (Internet of Things) project developed by JupiterLight that allows the monitoring of active and passive elements, as well as the remote control of the elements.

SMART project can be used in several areas like monitoring and remote control do active and passive elements in a electrical grid, agriculture and other areas.

The project consisting of the integration of several specialized hardware technological solutions and customized software for each situation.